Corrosion Protection

Painted Finish

As a standard the cost we give our customers for gates and railings is inclusive of them being fully primed and glossed prior to fitting, as with all external painted surfaces they will require to be maintained to protect against corrosion.

Its difficult to estimate how frequent your gates/railings will require to be painted as it mostly depends on the environment and conditions their exposed to, for example if your property is near the sea the salt in the atmosphere can substantially increase the rate of corrosion, if you don’t live near the sea but your gate/railings are close to a main road which is regularly salted in the winter this can also have similar effects and increase rates of corrosion. In fair conditions we would expect gates/railings, which are painted to give satisfactory periods before maintenance would be required.

The general rule of thumb is keep a tin of paint in your shed and touch up when you notice any small areas that begins to show signs of rust, a light rub with an abrasive may be required on thicker rust areas.


If you purely wish to avoid the periodic maintenance or you feel your gate/railings will be subject to corrosion due to environmental conditions then galvanising is worth considering. Galvanising of your completed gates/railings will result in an additional cost but as to how much of an increase really depends on the amount of gates/railings that require to be dipped as most commonly this process is charged on the items weight. We can estimate these costs for you.

Hot Dip Galvanizing is a method of giving long-term corrosion protection to steel by the means of coating it with molten zinc. Galvanising has been around for 150 years, dipping the steel into the molten zinc results in a tough non-corrosive coating that lasts for tens of years, the process itself is environmentally sustainable and more economic than many other systems.

Once galvanised your gates/railings will remain corrosive free for up to 25 years or more, you can either leave your product galvanised which initially starts out bright silver but this bright silver will dull down through time resulting in a silver/grey appearance.

If you don’t like the idea of leaving the galvanised product silver you can apply paint be advised that paint is prone to eventually flaking off which wont cause corrosion as the product has been galvanised but will require to be painted at some stage to maintain appearances.


Powder Coating

Powder coating is a fast growing method of adding colour to metal surfaces and metal galvanised surfaces. This process is carried out under carefully controlled conditions in a factory and can be applied successfully to galvanised surfaces.

If you want your gates/railings galvanised to protect against corrosion and you want to add a bit of colour opposed to leaving them silver but don’t fancy the idea of applying paint as in the future as the paint will eventually flake off then the powder coating process is what your looking for.

The process of powder coating consists of a dry powder being baked onto metallic or galvanised surfaces resulting in an extremely durable finish. As with wet painting a full range of colours is available.

Galvanising combined with powder coating will not only give protection against corrosion for many years it will result in your gates/railings being maintenance free with regards to painting.

Powder coating is generally priced on the area the powder has to cover, we can advise and estimate how much this is likely to cost.

NB/- we decided to add this information to our web site to give our customers that little bit extra knowledge, which we hope, may be of assistance when deciding on the finish that best suits their needs.

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